Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I went to Bulgaria with my family as it was a free two week holiday and it was really nice to spend time with them. I took the opportunity to try and make some work and this is the outcome! Throughout history Bulgaria has been taken over, invaded and changed politics many times. So there is a clear sign of a lot of different cultures. Firstly the Church rules most people and this is clear all over the country, however it was previously an extremely Communist eastern European state that has now started to accept Western policies. It is fast becoming another western capitalist state which means for example, that there is a lot of western adverts and culture on the side of  very communist blocks of flats. I also noticed how the Communists and obviously built these huge public amenities but with bugger all people to fill them. So many of the town centres feel very empty and hot. Bulgaria was also run by the Ottoman Empire so there is also a lot of Turkish culture around as well.
I tried to capture the mix of eastern and western culture in the inner cities and how the rural areas are all still pretty much peasant communities and the juxtaposition of these places.

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