Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Palestinian Olive Harvest 2011

Every year the Palestinians harvest the olive trees which have been on their land for hundreds of years. The farmers are constantly attacked by Israeli soldiers and Zionist settlers whilst harvesting. These ancient trees are constantly burnt down all through the year, effectively an attempt to clear and take over the land for more settlements, they even release wild boar into the land to try to scare the Palestinians away.

The harvest was a very rewarding experience where I made some very good friends and did a bit of manual work for a change.

For a really good article about the 2011 olive harvest please read the article by my friend Ben Lorber. 

My pictures are of the harvest at the village of Burin and Qaryout where the Israeli army came and stopped them working due to "security reasons". I also visited Qaryout's olive press where they turn the olives into olive oil. It was such a great atmosphere as most of the village was there and everyone was really happy to see the work get finished.

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