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Picture from Gaza a Day (Hopefully) - Mini Blog

While working on my Gaza sanitation project at the Wadi Gaza river, I found that the bridge crossing the river had been destroyed. I realized that while being in Gaza I am going to be seeing events and issues that are completely unrelated to my main stories, these might never see the light of day and I feel the documentation of these events is important.
I have decided to create a post that functions as a mini blog, here I will try to post one picture a day. A visual diary that makes sure my images don't go unused.

Please check back regularly to see what's going on as I will be updating everday!

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Wednesday December 19th

This is my last picture of the day as I am leaving Gaza tomorrow, it is a young Palestinian shepherd

Tuesday December 18th

A Palestinian boy skips over stones at the Wadi Gaza sewage river. As I said previously; I have been spending a lot of time at this village, which is surrounded by a refugee camp, Gazas power station, the Wadi Gaza and the Hamas military training area. However the people in this village are very poor and have a lot of problems with pollution. I have finally made friends with them enough to be able to take photographs, next time I come I am hoping to take the time with these people to make a long documentary piece.

Monday December 17th

 A small Palestinian girl from the bedouin village of Al-Malalha. She is very dirty as her family canot afford to buy water for cleaning, only drinking and cooking. This not only makes life un-pleasant but also spreads diseases as it is so unhygienic.   

Sunday December 16th

A nutcase does the tightrope over the Wadi Gaza river, which is pure raw sewage. I have been spending a lot of time at the Wadi getting to know the people from the local village. Gradually their letting me photograph them but its taking time.

Saturday December 15th

Boy hanging around near Wadi Gaza, all over the Gaza strip remnants of the recent Israeli settlements and military out posts remain  Palestinians have put these walls and anything not destroyed during the Israeli evacuation to good use including a waste water treatment plant made out of the separation wall.

Friday December 14th

All over Gaza there are murals and graffiti decorating the walls. Most of them depict Palestinian projects and have political motives. This one is a bit different, I think the message is very clear. 

Thursday December 13th

Coffee shack in Nuseirat Refugee camp, Gaza.

Wednesday December 12th

A Palestinian fisherman works on his nets in Gaza Sea Port. Even though there is a ceasefire fisherman are still constantly being attacked and arrested by Israeli navy and are still prevented from going very far out to sea.

Tuesday December 11th

A Palestinian boy walks past the Wadi Gaza river, trash seems to be a massive problem in Gaza but gets sidelined due to other more important issues in the area needing attention first. 

Monday December 10th

A cheeky Palestinian lad pulls a pose near the 'Beach Camp' refugee camp near Gaza city.   

Sunday December 9th

Palestinian boys playing in a central Gaza graveyard.

Saturday December 8th

Today was the Hamas festival/ rally which was a bit crazy, here is the stage where the speeches where made and bands did their performances. It was commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the first Intifada. I will be putting all my work over the last couple of days into a full story so please watch this space.

Friday December 7th

Today was one of the most memorable days of my life so far. Khaled Meshaal the leader of Hamas returns to Palestine after 37 years, this was also his first time to Gaza even though Hamas is in power here. Palestinians went crazy and I was told that there hadn't been so much excitement in Gaza since Arafat returned years ago. As he drove through Gaza city thousands of Palestinians and armed Hamas gun men lined the streets celebrating their leader. 
Tomorrow is the Hamas festival/ rally and I think along with todays work I am going to extend it to a full story as it is such an important part of the aftermath of the recent war. Today I also took part in twenty minute taxi journey that could only be described as a car chase in the Blue Brothers Movie. 

Thursday December 6th

Leila Khaled talking at a P.F.L.P rally in Gaza city. Leila is an ex Palestinian freedom fighter who became very famous in the late 60s. Today she gave a speech at the leftist faction; Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine's rally, to find out more about Leila have a look at:

Wednesday December 5th

Palestinians in an electrical appliance shop on Omar Al Mukhtar street - Gaza city's commercial high street. As there are extreme fuel shortages and damaged electrical infrastructure there a intermittent blackouts all over the Gaza strip. Palestinians strive to keep their businesses open as usual and many use personal generators to create a little light to work in.

Tuesday December 4th

A Palestinian girl who lives in Fakhari refugee camp, Gaza.

Monday December 3rd

Today we did some work in the extremely poor village of Al-Malalha, a Bedouin village in central Gaza. Safiyya Hadhud, 50 is struggling to feed her family of eight.. "The children have just come home from school and they must be starving, only God knows how much I suffer."

Sunday December 2nd

A member of the Al-Qassam Brigade on a march through Northern Gaza city. I thought my day wasn't really going to amount to much. when on the way home I spotted all these armed Hamas soldiers sitting in formation. They were really open to photos and I followed the march through northern parts of Gaza city.

Saturday December 1st

I ran into some kids in Gaza city playing football in front of a huge bomb sight, I got the camera out and they went completely spare. I have never seen such showing off for my camera before, I shot about forty images like this. Really good fun but still sad when you see the state of the place these children have to play in.

Friday November 30th

A Hamas policeman stands in the ruins of the Ministry of Interior - targeted thirteen times during the recent attacks by Israel. Today I had a day off my work, however I still got swept into photographing bomb sights as I walked through Gaza city. 

Thursday November 29th

A Palestinian Fatah supporter at the first major demonstration Hamas have allowed Fatah to do in the Gaza stip in years. Today is the vote at the U.N. to give Palestine enhance member status, several thousand marched through Gaza city in support of the move by P.A leader Abbas. 

Wednesday November 28th

Today we visited the Israeli imposed "Buffer Zone" to visit farmland that has been destroyed by years of enforced neglect, tank tracks from various invasions and damage from the recent war. This forty year old Palestinian women was injured in an air raid whilst she milked cows in a shed, she now has shrapnel in her back and cant get out of bed.
Whilst we were in this area Israeli soldiers fired live ammo warning shots and tear gas at us even though supposedly the "buffer zone" has been lifted as part of the ceasefire agreements. 

Tuesday November 27th

Palestinian's inspecting the destroyed remains of their property on the outskirts of Gaza city. There are destroyed buildings everywhere but infrastructure seems to be taking a priority for the re-build.

Monday November 26th

On my way to a water chemistry lab, an F-16 Israeli fighter jet was circling above Gaza. It was pretty to look at but scary at the same time as we were passing bomb sights these planes had created. The Palestinian's told us that it was Israel making sure nobody forgets the war through showing their dominance in the air.

Sunday November 25th 

This image shows the highly polluted Wadi River, which is pure sewage due to damaged infrastructure. The bridge was targeted by Israeli forces during the recent escalation, due to the bridge being damaged all traffic has to take a muddy and slow moving road which adds an extra kilometre onto a journey.

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