Monday, 26 January 2015

Prints and Books for Sale


Due to a recent exhibition I put on I have some framed prints and books of my work for sale. The prints have been professionally mounted and framed by Tim Treslove at the Wiltshire Gallery Salisbury. They are £75 (not including P+P) and all proceeds go the help funding my photographic work. All the framed work is ready to hang by string on the back and all are the same colour in terms of frames and mounting.

The prints are A3 with the mount and framing making them 52 x 59 cm. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Due to my work progressing onto new projects it is unlikely I will print off these pictures again so get them whilst you can. The images below are the ones that are currently available. Please click on the pictures to make them bigger for better viewing. 

£75 (+P&P) please contact David Shaw at - - 07791101072

Local man on the Dal Lake in Srinigar - Kashmir.
 Wafaa Diab who working for MAG clearing land mines in South Lebanon
Bassanti Dasi in her ashram in Vrindavan, India.
An Indian widow learning English in her ashram, Vrindavan.
 Indian widows cooking together in their ashram, Vrindavan.
A widow making incense sticks for sale in Vrindavan, India.
A Vrindavan widow in her Ashram
 An Indian Kushti wrestler having a shower in Delhi.
 In Gaza.
Safiyya Hadhud from the village of Al-Malaha, Gaza.
Israeli soldier - Hebron, West Bank.


Due to interest I have printed another copy of my degree work book - A Silent Crisis. I have four copies left to sell and unless there is demand I will not be reprinting. There are 20 printed over all. 
The book is my portfolio about various issues that are caused by the environmental degradation of the Gaza strip and its effects on the local Palestinians.

£40 (+P&P) please contact David Shaw at - - 07791101072

See the work included at -

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