Thursday, 19 February 2015

Poland Photo Diary 2015

I have just arrived in Poland where I will be for two months creating a body of work about Polish migration/ diaspora to the U.K. I will be investigating a few stories and themes relating to this subject including the core reasons and why it is popular for Poles to do so and the effects on Poland good and bad.

I am starting this online photo mini blog which I will be updating with a new image everyday (or two, or three...ish) so please keep an eye on this post.

My contact details here are my usual email - 
or my Polish number - +48 533 399 084

I will also be regularly updating my twitter -
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This trip has been funded by the Peter Kirk Scholarship so a massive thank you to everyone involved with that and everyone else who has helped me out so far.

Reszel/ Home 17th April

Sorry for lack of posting, I was in a very small town called Reszel for some time and there was minimal internet there, I have included a few of the pictures I took bellow.

I am now home from Poland and am now on to editing, writing and pitching so watch this space for my final piece in the coming weeks.

I have been taught a real lesson in how to be kind to strangers in Poland. So many people put me up, fed me, drove me around, translated, gave me lots of Vodka, let me take lots of photos and generally treated me very well. So a massive to thank you to everyone who has helped me on my trip, particularly in Poznan, Reszel and Zamosc, it was great!

Here are some pictures from Reszel

Zamosc, 4th April

Zamosc, 3rd April

Zamosc, 2nd April

Zamosc, 1st April

Lublin, 31st March

Bielsk Podlaski, 30th March

Bielsk Podlaski, 28th March

Bielsk Podlaski, 26th March

Bielsk Podlaski, 23rd March

Bielsk Podlaski, 22nd March

Posadowek, 21st March

Chudobczyce (Skinny Dog) Village - 18th March

Posadowek, 17th March

Chudobczyce (Skinny Dog) Village - 16th March

Tomek is an ex-gangster/ prisoner who now leads a social co-operative and farm and lives with his wife and two children.

Konin, 14th March

Konin, 13th March

Poznan, 12th March

Did a great interview with Jezny today who was once homeless in London but is now back in Poland working for Barka.
Poznan, 11th March

Poznan, 10th March

Poznan, 9th March

Poznan, 8th March

Poznan, 7th March

Poznan, 5th March

Barka Foundation Chairman Tomaz Sadowski becoming a member of the Pokomo tribe for his work promoting social entrepreneurship in Africa.

Poznan, 4th March

Dr. Makorani Y'Dhidha-a-Mjidho, the Haye ywe Ngaji (Traditional King) at Pokomo Community.

Poznan, 2nd March

Krakow, 1st March

Krakow, Feb 28th

Krakow, Feb 27th

Krakow, Feb 26th

Lodz to Krakow, Feb 25th 

Lodz to Krakow, Feb 24th

Lodz, Feb 23rd

Lodz, Feb 22nd

Warsaw, Feb 21st

Warsaw, Feb 20th

Warsaw, Feb 19th


  1. keep us posted dave hope your keeping ok Laurence oaafc

  2. Great article Dave! Some cracking photos and glad to see you managed to get to a game over there