Tuesday, 27 September 2016

VII Masterclass 2016/17 also home

I have just arrived in Berlin as over the next seven months I will be participating in the VII photo agency masterclass. It presents such a great opportunity to complete and expand my 'Parallel Lives' work in Oldham for which I am taking a new route. Can't wait to meet the photographers and my other colleagues and to gain a load of new ideas. To learn more about the masterclass go to - http://viiphoto.com/event/vii-masterclass-berlin/

A few days ago I came back from five months in SE Asia. Working for Rustic Pathways was awesome so thanks a lot to them. I have put up portfolios on my website from this work in the travel and NGO sections here:

NGO: http://www.davidjshaw.com/NGO

Travel: http://www.davidjshaw.com/Travel

I also worked on a new story about a community anti-drugs vigilante and rehab group in Kachin state in northern Myanmar which I am editing at the moment, as well as making a few films in Vietnam and Thailand. All to come soon, cheers.

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